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Xing'an Lilai International Hotel

Xing'an Lilai International Hotel

Hotel Name: Legion International Hotel
Rooms: 126
Star Rating: ★★★★★
Use product: complete weak room control system
Liglai International Hotel, the most fashionable and charming boutique hotel in Xing'an County, Guilin, is decorated with five-star standards.
Ligelai International Hotel is located in the commercial circle of Xing'an City Center, adjacent to the beautiful Le Mandi. Within a five-minute drive, it is surrounded by the scenic Guling Canal, the ancient water street and the Ginkgo Square Cultural Center. It is a good place to eat, drink, swim, play, and buy in the pedestrian street, Nancheng department store, and water street snacks.
The Legacy International Hotel has 126 (sets) of stylishly decorated and tastefully decorated guest rooms, with family suites, executive suites, presidential suites, etc. The entire building covers WIFI to fully satisfy the fast business needs of guests.
The hotel's well-equipped indoor and outdoor wellness programs and chess and card rooms are the best choice for your leisure and entertainment. It is the consistent belief of the Legacy International Hotel to create a fashionable cultural charm and pursue professional and diligent service.