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Shaanxi Hanzhong Cologne Hotel

Shaanxi Hanzhong Cologne Hotel

Hotel Name: Shaanxi Hanzhong Cologne Hotel
Rooms: 110 rooms
Star Rating: ★★★★
Use product: single type weak current passenger control system
Gulong Hotel is located on the west side of Wanbang Plaza, the most prosperous street in Hanzhong. It is the fourth hotel of Xianglong Hotel Group. The hotel is decorated with exquisite style and style. The unique fragrance theme gives guests a novel sense of smell. The hotel has a network coverage and stable and smooth network speed. It is the first choice for netizens and business people. The advanced technology touch screen switch and remote control. The light-proof curtains, electric flushing toilet and direct drinking water in the room allow guests to experience the modern living environment of technology, comfort, convenience and green. Gulong Hotel has always been adhering to the corporate culture of Xianglong Hotel Group's customer satisfaction. The service runs through every part of the guest's stop. The high standard hardware and service of Gulong Hotel and the popular consumption of the people are committed to becoming the vanguard of the Hanzhong theme hotel. All the staff of Gulong Hotel are waiting for you at the best of the best!