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Liaoning Liaobin Baile Hotel

Liaoning Liaobin Baile Hotel

Hotel Name: Liaoning Binbai Le Hotel

Rooms: 208 rooms

Star Rating: ★★★★★

Use product: complete touch screen control system


Hotel Introduction: Liaobin Bailu Hotel is located in Liaodong Bay New District, east of Liaohe River, west of Bohai Sea, south of Yingkou City across the river. As the first international five-star hotel in Panjin, the Boao Hotel in Liaobin is dedicated to providing a full range of value-for-money experiences for both Chinese and foreign guests. Comfortable and elegant guest rooms, all-inclusive dining, entertainment and conference facilities, and intimate service, all explain to you the life proposition of the French “Baiyu Brand” – nature, closeness and loftiness.