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Liaoning HuluYindao Haishanghai Hotel

Liaoning HuluYindao Haishanghai Hotel

Hotel Name: Liaoning Huludaohai Shanghai Business Hotel

Rooms: 221

Star Rating: ★★★★

Use product: complete touch screen control system


Hotel Introduction: Huludaohai Shanghai Business Hotel is a luxury hotel with four-star standard customers. Hai Shanghai Business Hotel is located in the scenic coastal resort of Huludao, at the intersection of the prosperous Longwan Street and Wenhua Road, next to Huludao Coach Terminal, 10 minutes drive from South Railway Station, 20 minutes drive from North Railway Station, and run beautiful beachfront 10 A minute drive and a great location. The building with European-style inner grid stands in the embrace of mountains and sea. The environment is elegant and pleasant, and it is convenient to travel in the city.