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Shanghai Xijiao Hotel

Shanghai Xijiao Hotel

Hotel Name: Shanghai Xijiao Hotel
Star Rating: ★★★★★
Number of rooms: 249
Use product: custom electronic house number system
Hotel Introduction: Xijiao Hotel is located on the quiet Hongqiao Road, close to Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai Mart, Shanghai International Exhibition Center. The location is excellent. The hotel tells Zhonghuan Road and Yan'an Elevated Road, and the transportation is convenient.
The guest covers an area of 1200 acres. The park is full of lush greenery and flowers and birds. The beautiful and tranquil environment is the best in Shanghai. Guests can choose from a variety of room types, including business rooms, deluxe rooms, deluxe rooms, executive rooms, and executive rooms. The rooms are fully equipped with luxurious restaurants and rich recreational facilities such as swimming pools, bowling alleys, tennis courts, and squash. In the room, fitness room, etc., the hotel has received tens of thousands of Chinese and foreign guests and heads of state for many years. Xijiao Hotel is an ideal place to stay for business, travel and leisure.