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Shaanxi Xixiang Jinya Hotel

Shaanxi Xixiang Jinya Hotel

Hotel Name: Jinya Hotel
Star Rating: ★★★★
Number of rooms: 119
Use product: Audi letter complete networked room treasure box control system
Jinya Hotel is located at the intersection of Dongyi Road and Luling Road in Xixiang County, 1 hour drive from Hanzhong Chenggu Airport and 5 minutes drive from Xixiang Railway Station. It is a modern business and holiday comprehensive hotel, in accordance with the national four-star standard. Construction is another large-scale, fully functional comprehensive hotel in Xixiang County.
The hotel has 22 floors and 119 standard rooms, single rooms and deluxe suites. The rooms are elegant and comfortable, equipped with facilities and comprehensive network coverage. The fourth floor of the hotel is a large dining and conference area with the largest and luxurious spaciousness in Xixiang County. The banquet hall is a perfect place to reflect high-quality business banquets, wedding ceremonies, Chinese restaurants and different styles of private dining rooms, featuring classic cuisines from Sichuan, Guangdong and Shaanxi. The fresh and elegant cafe on the third floor offers a wealth of banquet halls. A variety of buffet cuisine, where you can enjoy the beauty of the food;
The hotel's one-story, 300-seat parking space, systematic and intelligent security equipment, is the confidence that the hotel provides to its customers. The service concept of “enthusiasm, caring, caring, caring and peace of mind” is the tenet of the hotel. Jinya Hotel will provide a high-quality landmark for fashion guests.
Jinhu Commercial District is a successful example of the sincere cooperation between Xixiang County and Chongqing Zhaorun Group. As the first county-level CBD in China, the project has a total investment of 400 million yuan. It is a comprehensive business center with advanced quality and modern taste. The center covers an area of ​​27,000 square meters and a building area of ​​90,000 square meters, including 45,000 square meters of three-storey shopping malls, four-star hotels _ Jinya Hotel, 22 floors of about 20,000 square meters, and ancillary buildings and food streets of about 5,000 square meters. There is a roof garden of about 10,000 square meters, which is a good place for the weekend entertainment and leisure of Xixiang urban people.