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Shenzhen AODSN Technology Co., Ltd

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Shenzhen Shengdebao Hotel

Shenzhen Shengdebao Hotel

Hotel Name: Saint Fort Hotel
Star Rating: ★★★★
Number of rooms: 250
Products used: Audi AODSN complete touch screen room control system (including electric curtain system)
Shenzhen Henggang Shengdebao Hotel is a luxury business hotel which is built by Shenzhen Tiantian Fishing Port Food Service Co., Ltd. according to the international four-star hotel standard. It integrates catering, business and accommodation, entertainment, conference and leisure. The hotel is located in Liuyue Community, Henggang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen. It enjoys an excellent location and is adjacent to Shenhui Road with convenient transportation. The hotel has a grand and magnificent banquet hall, 38 luxurious dining rooms, elegant western restaurant, magnificent night club, perfect and comfortable sauna beauty club, all kinds of rooms with complete facilities, luxurious decoration, fiber-optic internet and WiFi network. 250 professional-sized business centers with a unique chess room.
The St. Petersburg Hotel has always been centered on a high-quality customer experience. The hotel rooms have been upgraded to intelligent guest rooms, using the Audi AODSN smart touch screen room control system solution! The system is intelligent, user-friendly, convenient and fast, bringing a new experience to the guests.