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Rongxing hotel

AODSN letter joins "rongxing hotel"
Build the five star symbol intelligent hotel of fangchenggang city, please look forward to...
Hotel name: rongxing hotel star: the number of guest rooms: 330. 
A phase of the project: 175 rooms using AODSN audi letter box intelligent control system Rong xing hotel is located in shen zhen administrative center main welcome road and golden tea road intersection, west beibu bay Marine culture park, in the beautiful west bay, food commercial pedestrian street in the east, the north central business district, is extremely advantageous geographical location, is the first company in shen zhen administrative center to use five-star hotel will be put into operation.
Rong xing hotel is located in the new development of the core region of fangchenggang - administrative center, is located in the center of fangcheng port two old, less than 20 minutes to the both sides of the old city, east industrial enterprises sand peninsula, ports in the south, west to the white beach, 5 a scenic area, north to central business district, make ten minutes life circle, ten minutes walk can be reached, mangroves building centralized government office of the municipal party committee, the beibu gulf Marine cultural park, the big four venues (women's and children's activity center, youth activity center, city library, city museum), egret park, west bay landscape avenue, a food commercial pedestrian street, the car ten minutes to reach high MTR station, bus station, chin high-speed, convenient transportation, convenient.
Introduction to rongxing hotel:
Rong xing hotel a total of 27 main body, has 330 rooms, 1100 square meters large banquet hall without columns and different size seven multi-function hall, can undertake all kinds of meetings, and various kinds of banquet, chess and card room, bar, foot massage, gym, such as luxury KTV facilities. The top floor of the hotel has the unique infinity pool, mini golf driving range, two VIP banquet halls and aerial viewing platform, which can meet the needs of different guests.
Rongxing hotel with advanced management concept, superior geographical location, providing excellent service for guests at home and abroad, is the ideal place for lodging, entertaining, entertaining and meeting.