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Jinfu jinjiang international hotel.

Jinfu jinjiang international hotel.

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Hotel name: jinfu jinjiang international hotel star: the number of rooms: 230 products: full set of light touch switch panel intelligent room control system.
Jinfu jinjiang international hotel is a five-star hotel invested by fukang jinfu hotel investment management co., LTD. The hotel is located at the entrance of yingbin road, the garden landscape leisure square is a few steps away, the scenery is pleasant. The expressway goes directly to the airport and the traffic is very convenient. The location advantage is obvious, the market prospect is broad.
This hotel was built on design by top designers in accordance with international standards of five star hotel, decorate with Jane European style, intelligent room panel control system all adopt the latest high-end AODSN audi letter light touch panel, product high grade atmosphere, perfect show the luxurious, elegant, harmonious, comfortable, romantic, pure and fresh, the characteristics of the pleasure.
The hotel has four multi-function halls and conference rooms, all equipped with high-end audio equipment, simultaneous interpretation, wireless network and other advanced conference facilities. The grand and spacious grand ballroom can accommodate up to 500 people at the same time. It is an ideal place for high-end banquets, conferences and weddings. The multi-functional conference hall with different specifications and luxurious style can hold business reception, press conference, club banquet, wedding banquet and so on. It is your best choice to give you high quality and exceptional service.
The hotel has 230 (sets) design fashion rooms of all kinds of specifications, luxurious and comfortable, spacious and bright, the room facilities from soup to nuts, have excellent city landscape, international satellite television, broadband and wireless networks, high-tech and high-end products configuration make the hotel more contemporary and superiority. High-grade office buildings, executive lounge, to provide you with luxury hotel, comfortable business environment, the executive floor guests can enjoy executive floor dining, conference and other personalized services.
The comfortable and perfect presidential suite gives you luxurious enjoyment. The hotel design is fresh and elegant, spacious and bright, the upscale private club, the perfect interpretation of the high quality of life pursuit.
The hotel also has a comfortable chess and card room, a well-equipped gym and luxurious spa facilities. With business center, ATM and concierge counter, we provide perfect business and travel service. Fukang jinfu hotel will definitely bring you a unique experience of leisure vacation or business travel.