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Tianhe grand canyon resort hotel.

Tianhe grand canyon resort hotel.

Visit tianhe grand canyon, relax in the middle class 5A summer resort, AODSN is waiting for you at the tianhe international hotel.
2017-07-23 audi letter room treasure box.
Hotel name: tianhe zhongzhou international hotel star: the number of guest rooms: 102 products: AODSN audi letter complete set of intelligent room control system.
Tianhe canyon scenic spot belongs to luoyang tianhe canyon resort development co., LTD., the scenic spot is located in luoyang luanchuan county in henan province is called river town, 168 kilometers away from luoyang, zhengzhou, 290 km south XiXia, have the west, by the S96 the luo river luan fast, G311 national highway through the luanchuan county, via S328 dart to the scenic area, the geographical position is superior, the traffic is very convenient. Tianhe canyon is one of the core of the funiu world geological park scenic area, is by henan tianhe real estate group invested 500 million yuan, according to the national AAAAA level scenic spot standard building set tourism, summer vacation, leisure keeping in good health, asked the blessing, explaining amusement, tourism real estate is an integrated resort. In 2002, it was approved as "henan provincial forest park". The total area of the resort area is about 56 square kilometers, with about 1,800 mountains and mountains, and more than 610 deep and shallow gullies. Among them, the elevation of 1,850 meters and the peak of dapeng mountain at 2116 meters are the landmarks of the scenic spot. Scenic area is located in the subtropical zone and transition zone of the north temperate zone, with an average of more than 1500 meters above sea level, annual average temperature 10.2 degrees, only the odd mountain scenic spot, xiushui, peak, YouLin make a picture of a beautiful landscape picture scroll. Tested, negative oxygen ion scenic spot 6000-8000 / cubic centimeter, the water quality for the weak alkaline water surface level, valleys, across more than 1400 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine, known as the "central plains" little Tibet "grass bouquet health valley" "summer best" and so on the title. Scenic area is built six characteristic park, yi zhi summer health center, light Wu Yi yuan respectively, candlestick and estates, tai garden, the queen mother garden, five SAN feng, centralized embodies the Chinese medicine keeping in good health culture, wuhan light culture, god, such as wealth and cultural core of Chinese traditional culture.
The forest coverage in the valley and the mountains is very high, reaching over 98%, and there are many fruit trees and traditional Chinese medicine trees. According to the statistics, there are more than 1400 kinds of Chinese medicinal herbs, which are known as the "Chinese medicine valley". After detection, the content of negative oxygen ions in the scenic spot is 6000-8000 / m3, which is very suitable for nursing and rehabilitation. At the same time, it is also a great place for visitors to explore the forest.
There are cultural relics and cultural relics in the han dynasty. Ming, there is xu zhonglin's writing "the seal of god" from the scenic spot "the three xiao niang" and the later generations called the god of wealth zhao gongming the birth of the remains. At the beginning of the shang dynasty, there was the legend of yiyin, who was the prime minister of shang tang, to save people and to make Chinese medicine soup. Ming, there is xu zhonglin's writing "the seal of god" from the scenic spot "the three xiao niang" and the later generations called the "god of wealth" zhao gongming the birth of the remains; In the han dynasty, there were wang mang and liu xiu, liu xiu and others in the valley, wearing boots to walk, avoiding the legend of wang mang. On January 4, 2016, zhao gongming and his mother and other large statues, such as the "third xiao", were officially located in the public courtyard of the park. It was proposed by the renowned archeologist and researcher of the Chinese academy of social sciences, Mr. Zheng guang. The name "gongming Taoist temple"; The chairman of the consultative committee of the ninth session of the Chinese Taoist association and the chairman of the eighth Chinese Taoist association, Mr. Ren farong, named the "gongming monastery". Huang zhijie, vice President of the Chinese Taoist association, director of the health committee and the chairman of the Taoism association of henan province, wrote "zhao gongming birthplace", which is inscribed on the stone wall of the monastery. The temple is grand and imposing, and is a perfect place for pilgrims to pray。
Tianhe zhongzhou international hotel, according to the four-star standard decoration, luxury interior, a total of 102 rooms, all adopt AODSN audi letter intelligent room treasure box connected to the control system, the hotel by henan liquor tube company leading enterprises, henan zhongzhou ChengGuan hotel management co., LTD.