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International hotel.

International hotel.

Good news: AODSN intelligent room of the intelligent hotel, the nanning xiangberen international hotel.
Hotel name: xiangberen international hotel star: the number of rooms in the hotel: 254 rooms: a complete set of intelligent rooms with the Internet control system.
Xiangning International Hotel Nanning is located in the southeast corner of Meiquan 1612 project on the 29th Yunjing Road, Nanning City. It is attached to the residential area in the north of Fengling in Nanning with beautiful scenery and convenient transportation.
Incense "Aaron international hotel floor 20 floors, a total construction area of more than 27000 square meters, the hotel has 254 guest rooms of various types, according to the five-star standard construction, hotel integrating accommodation, catering, entertainment, hotel suites of decoration and elegant, modern facilities.
The hotel conference center has more than 500 meetings, banquet venues, and all kinds of conference rooms and modern audio-visual facilities. More than 10 luxurious dining rooms with unique styles and nearly 1000 square meters of Chinese banquet hall. In order to meet the multi-level needs of guests, the hotel also has a lobby bar, parking lot, agent ticket, visa and other supporting services.
It is the ideal place for you to travel and relax, to host meetings, to hold wedding parties and to hold various business activities.