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Shenzhen AODSN Technology Co., Ltd

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AODSN Audixin once again joins Yuda Group to build a high-end five-star hotel in Nanning_Yuda International Hotel

AODSN Audixin once again joins Yuda Group to build a high-end five-star hotel in Nanning_Yuda International Hotel

HotelName:YudaInternationalHotelStarRating:★★★★★Numberofrooms:771Productsused:AODSNSmartroomtreasureboxnetworkednetworkcontrolsystemandswitchproducts  NanningYudaInternationalHotelislocatedatNo.16LiangqingRoad(nexttotheWuxiangNewDistrictHeadquartersLeisurePark),wherethe3rdand4thsubwaylinesmeet,withconvenienttransportationandanareaof35,000m2.  Asafive-starhotel,YudaHotelincludesrooms,multi-mediaconferencerooms,entertainmentclubs,skytenniscourts,spaandspaclubstomeetbusinessneeds!   Nearbylandscaperesources:WuxiangHeadquartersPark,WuxianglingForestPark,QingxiuMountain,WuxianghuParkandotherattractionswilldefinitelymakeyoufeastyoureyes.   ShenzhenAudixinTechnologyCo.,Ltd.isaleadingproviderofhotelintelligentenergy-savingproductdevelopmentandproductionservices,providingintelligentandenergy-savingproductstohotelsandfamiliesaroundtheworld.Inordertopromotethein-depthapplicationofintelligentandenergy-savingproductsinvariousfields,toimprovetheeconomicbenefitsofvariousfieldsandpromotethedevelopmentofsociety.
Hotel Name: Yuda International Hotel
Star Rating: ★★★★★
Number of rooms: 771
Products used: AODSN
Smart room treasure box networked network control system and switch products
Nanning Yuda International Hotel is located at No. 16 Liangqing Road (next to the Wuxiang New District Headquarters Leisure Park), where the 3rd and 4th subway lines meet, with convenient transportation and an area of 35,000 m2.
As a five-star hotel, Yuda Hotel includes rooms, multi-media conference rooms, entertainment clubs, sky tennis courts, spa and spa clubs to meet business needs!
Nearby landscape resources: Wuxiang Headquarters Park, Wuxiangling Forest Park, Qingxiu Mountain, Wuxianghu Park and other attractions will definitely make you feast your eyes.
Shenzhen Audixin Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of hotel intelligent energy-saving product development and production services, providing intelligent and energy-saving products to hotels and families around the world.
In order to promote the in-depth application of intelligent and energy-saving products in various fields, to improve the economic benefits of various fields and promote the development of society.