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The 2017 China international consumer electronics exposition will open in Qingdao.

The 2017 China international consumer electronics exposition will open in Qingdao.

- diversification strategy opens the new pattern of professional exhibition.
The China international consumer electronics fair (SINOCES) will be held at Qingdao international convention and exhibition center from September 22 to 25, 2017. China international consumer electronics fair by the ministry of commerce, ministry of science and technology, and the government of shandong province, the ministry of industry and information technology support, mechanical and electrical products import and export chamber of commerce, China electronics society of China and undertaken by the people's government of Qingdao. Challenge after more than 10 years of development, SINOCES rely on China's good economic environment, the consummation of industrial policy and huge consumer market, has developed into a new engine to promote the development of the consumer electronics industry innovation, and consumer electronics companies at home and abroad to expand exchanges and cooperation and create a win-win situation, to speed up innovation to upgrade the consumer electronics industry development in our country has played an important role.
2017 China international consumer electronics exposition will open a new pattern of specialization exhibition in Qingdao.
The exhibition "wisdom + hui" theme, drive with high and new technology industry development transformation, assignment of power industry to upgrade to internationalization strategy, innovating the mode of diversified exhibition, open new professional exhibition layout, has six features galleries, involving the eight kind of innovative technologies and products, exhibition area of 30000 square meters, more than 1100 booths, nearly 200 exhibitors, there are 17 countries and regions, more than 110 buyers and hundreds of thousands of senior political and industry experts will be participating. 2017 SINOCES discuss sharing principle, strive to build industry ecosystem wisdom, to build a special feast of science and technology, this exhibition is past basically has the following five aspects of the "new" change:
1. Following the trend of "wisdom +", SINOCES leads the new wave of innovation results.
As the "+" wisdom and intelligent manufacturing, Internet of things, cloud computing, big data into high and new technology such as depth, wisdom industry has become the economic development of countries and cities "power industry", covers all aspects of the national economy, such as the family, the wisdom city, wisdom logistics, factory and so on. 2017 sinoces accurately grasp the trend, combine the wisdom of the global consumer electronics industry science and technology and talent, committed to creating a feast with the "wisdom" as the leading industry, power industry a wider benefit wisdom and application.
Bring fully display "+" wisdom of the new scientific and technological achievements, the exhibition dedicated to set up the "smart home", "intelligent security", "virtual reality and intelligent hardware", "intelligent robot", "3 d printing" and "e-sports" such as "wisdom" features galleries, involving the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) and intelligent robot, intelligent family, VR/AR/MR, artificial intelligence, intelligent hardware, 3 d printing technology, mobile Internet, big data and cloud computing the eight kind of innovative products and technologies, strong lineup, what to watch for.
Second, the first electronic competitive exhibition area, SINOCES incubated consumer electronic new business state.
Currently, e-sports has formed a huge industrial scale in many countries and regions such as South Korea, the United States and Europe, and occupies an important position in the national economy. Our country also have electronic competitive sports as the key to promote and support, e-sports as newly independent of domestic industries, attracts tencent, ali, Letv enterprise capital to follow up, the ministry of education to cultivate talents, also at this year's new electronic competitive professional, e-sports industry in the future, there will be a lot of room to grow.
According to Newzoo, a market research firm, the global e-sports market will grow 41.3 percent year-on-year to $696 million in 2017, and the number of e-sports fans will increase by 50 percent to 286 million. In order to promote the good development of e-sports industry in the near step, and to help the local electric competition to improve gradually, 2017 SINOCES will set up the e-sports exhibition area for the first time, inviting well-known game manufacturers such as tencent games to participate in the exhibition. At the same time, the organizing committee official cooperation with tencent game, for the first time in electricity expo hosted king glory esports city, in addition, during the exhibition will also be a Qingdao electronic athletics championships, then a blow out of the overturn moment will witness the glory.
3. Introduce diversified interactive activities, and SINOCES will create a new experience of exhibiting features.
Involved with the consumer electronics industry innovation and development, its products and application field are also gradually broadened, 2017 SINOCES grasp the trend, continuously expand the exhibition scale, rich content, the exhibition introducing multiple interactive activity and the content. First "hard" section - 2017 electric expo global intelligent hardware projects selection "activities in Qingdao, landing activities, held jointly by electric fair hard and hand in hand, to use electric expo aggregate resource advantage, promote the intelligent hardware accelerated incubation, supply chain optimization and channels.
) in addition, September 22 exposition opened the same day as the "world car free day", to advocate green travel way, 2017 SINOCES to worship the bike a bike to see SINOCES activities, encourage and attract users to participate in Shared cycling, driving bike back to the city. Bike at the same time, and sharing the same symbol of green, low-carbon way to travel but also balance, "escape" heart by balancing car carnival and the 2nd China Qingdao open car racing is held in the exhibition, will bring the participants a great athletic performance.
Iv. Upgrade 3D printing to compete with Taiwan, SINOCES ignite new engine of science and technology innovation.
As the representative technology of the new round of industrial revolution, 3D printing plays an extremely important role in "made in China 2025". The exhibition continues to joint of China's largest group, 3 d printing service platform SanDi space-time integration platform excellent resources, then expand the scale of 3 d printing section, upgraded to international activities, invited from China, Germany, the United States, such as more than 10 global 3 d printing authoritative experts and more than hundreds of 3 d printing enterprise at home and abroad gathered will bring exhibitors audience a feast to 3 d printing technology.
Site is equipped with specially develop 3 d printing exhibits, 3 d printing and customer competition, 3 d printing education training, 3 d printing, 3 d printing fashion show interactive display creative work, and other sectors, for the enterprise and 3 d printing enthusiasts to provide content diversity, large trade platform and display space. During the event, the 5th China 3D printing excellent brand promotion event will be held in the same period, and the top 10 awards will be set up to honor the new products and technologies of outstanding 3D printing enterprises. In addition, love pottery APP, Shanghai number made equipment, Beijing yanshan petrochemical products and so on many heavyweight industry new product will be its world debut in section 3 d printing, presents the latest application results, science and technology in lighting science and technology innovation development "a new engine.
5. Focusing on international experts, SINOCES directs the industry to develop new directions.
For consumer electronics companies to build technology exchange and communication industry's top intelligence platform, SINOCES 2017 will also be China 2017 Qingdao international big data peak BBS, IM3D print peak BBS BBS and so on more than high-quality professional conference, to strengthen industry exchanges, explore industry the latest trends and dynamic. China Qingdao international big data peak BBS is based on big data has become the information after the Internet of things, cloud computing technology industry one of the most popular hot factors, advance the sustainable development of big data and rapidly expanding market. International IM3D print peak BBS is based on 3 d printing section, invited more than ten famous experts from home and abroad, analyzed the global 3 d printing market, discusses the application of 3 d printing in the field of various industries and the development, the Chinese famous universities, scientific research institutes of the experts and scholars, both enterprise representatives will attend, discuss the further, in order to further deepen the exchanges and cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and provides a good opportunity.
In order to implement the innovation-driven development strategy in depth, the "2017 sixth China international consumer electronics Leader innovation achievement conference" will also be held as scheduled. In contrast to previous years, this year's awards have added a new technology application award to encourage innovative development of products in big data and cloud computing applications. Competition in consumer electronics is becoming increasingly fierce. In order to seize the market, all kinds of innovative products are blooming. The Leader innovation "a total of 75 nearly 220 products well-known brands at home and abroad participated in the award to declare, in addition to, Canon, samsung, haier, hisense, TCL, aucma, millet, 360 traditional home appliances, digital hardware enterprises, such as a variety of VR equipment, 3 d printing, smart union, health care, and other enterprises have joined the race. The "Leader innovation award" comprehensively displays the innovative products and technologies that lead the market trend and industry trend in the consumer electronics field, so that consumers can feel the intellectual changes brought by innovation. On the afternoon of September 23, we will hold the press conference of China international consumer electronics Leader innovation award at Qingdao international convention and exhibition center.
From followers of the consumer electronics industry to the pioneers of innovative technology, the electric expo has been highly inclusive and growing through years of professional operation. Exhibition to create leading consumer electronics industry development, innovative technology, global marketing, and other functions as one of the internationalization of wisdom industry ecosystem, in combination with the new trend of development of the consumer electronics industry with the latest new features, a comprehensive display of intelligent products and innovative technology, will also be discussed industry future development direction and prospects, give new momentum for the global consumer electronics industry. (this paper is reproduced from China power grid)