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Shenzhen AODSN Technology Co., Ltd

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Happiness is a luxury hotel.

Happiness is a luxury hotel.

China's first adoption " The king's wood, The top of the pretend bility boutique hotel (the happiness of the hotel).
Hotel name: happiness is the best hotel & NBSP; & have spent Decoration: super five-star decoration & NBSP; & have spent Number of rooms: 85 & have spent Use product: AODSN.
Audi's complete set of networked room control systems.
It is the first family in China. The king's wood, Decoration of the top Chinese chain hotel. The hotel is located in no.8 beichen road, laminar district, guilin city. It is located across the street from the north railway station of guilin, and is adjacent to Evergrande. The royal decoration is also introduced. AODSN audi intelligent room control system: humanized lighting, flowing music, automatic curtain, automatic air conditioning and shadowless service. Throughout, &; With elegant environment and convenient transportation, it is the first choice for successful people to travel and negotiate business.
High pretend bility " The king's wood, Furniture! Ancient imperial reserved seat, when you sit up, winter warm and cool! How nice!!!
What kind of feeling is it in the lobby of the hotel lobby?
Natural plant essence millennium ancient secret system.