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  Shenzhen AODSN Technology Co., Ltd is a leading domestic provider for hotel intelligent energy-saving products development and production service, offering intelligent, energy-saving products to global hotels and households, in order to further encourage their application in various fields, improve the economic benefits in various fields, and promote social development. 

      Hotel smart energy-saving products has gone through a long stage of development, now, smart energy-saving products are developing rapidly as an important trend in the development of global intelligence, energy conservation, and the development of AODSN Technology can be known as a microcosm of the above history.

    Founded in June 2003, AODSN Technology Development and Research Center specializing in research and development of hotel, home intelligent control technology provides perfect solution on intelligent application for hotels industry, household, and has quickly become the leading product development and production service provider for smart energy-saving product of hotel industry, household. 
    In the past days, relying on their technical advantages, stable product quality and price advantage, AODSN Technology has covered its products over 30 countries, more than 5,000 hotels, guest houses, apartments, mansions, villas, factories, communities around the world, received consistent praise from customers and established a good corporate image. "Quality for survival, innovation for development, good faith is the foothold to go global from China" is the secret of AODSN to increasingly develop.

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