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Hotel guest room control system with networking

 Hotel Guest Room Control System With Networking



Air Conditioner

Adjutable fan speed (High,Medium,low ) cooling mode & heating mode and automatic mode, Replacing traditional mechanical air conditioning controller and save more the 30% energy

Cheat load function

It can be set up to Saving power mode at anytime (cheat load function), saving power for the hotel.

Welcome Mode

The passage and room light will be light up when the customer insert the cards to energy switch .Close door delay power cut off.

Lighting Mode

RCU programming, One key master off,universal double control design, san set up different lighting mode.

One Key Check-out

Custmomer just need press the :Check-out" button on beside panel , the recipetion desk,Computer Centre room and floor seriver will know it.

Service Information

DND,Clean, such as room service information  transmission by network .real-time display multiple clients at the same time.

Automatic Curtain Switch

Customer can be adjust the curtain status by curtain swith and the system also can be control it.

Network System

System real-time monitoring equipment running status, save human resources and convenient for engineering management.

Sensor Control

Inside the bedroom and bathroom installation invasioninfrared microwave detector, can real-time acquisition room personnel existence condition, the guest is not only easy to use, can also be effective energy saving.


If there have emergency matter , the customer need to press SOS button switch, The hotel front desk, computer center, floor service computer alarm immediately, guest room number issued alarm at the same time, The first time to solve emergencies.

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