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Networking - luxury Ⅱ room control system scheme
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Networking - luxury Ⅱ room control system scheme

The AODSN room network control system includes: electronic door card system, lighting control system, plug-in card identification system, visual doorbell system, background music system, headboard sys
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The intelligent control system of Audi Hotel Hotel is a modern network based on the RCU host (room treasure box) in the room, using the modern computer communication and control technology, central air conditioning system, intelligent lighting system, security system, emergency call for hotel rooms. Intelligent management and control of systems, access control systems, and service systems, real-time monitoring of guest room status, guest needs, service status, and equipment conditions, and assisting the hotel in comprehensive control system for real-time control analysis of room equipment and internal resources. Can achieve energy saving, improve guest comfort, improve hotel management, save human resources, etc.

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