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Sandborg Hotel - Shenzhen

Hotel name: Shengdebao Hotel Star rating: ★★★★ Number of rooms: 250 Products used: Audi letter AODSN complete touch screen room control system (including electric curtain system)
Shenzhen Henggang Shengdebao Hotel is invested and built by Shenzhen Tiantian Yugang Catering Service Co., Ltd. in accordance with international four-star hotel standards. It is a luxury business hotel integrating catering, business and residence, entertainment, conference and leisure. The hotel is located in Liuyue Community, Henggang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen. The geographical location is superior, adjacent to Shenhui Road, and the transportation is convenient. The hotel has a grand and magnificent banquet hall, 38 luxurious dining rooms, an elegant western restaurant, a magnificent nightclub, a perfect and comfortable sauna and beauty club, and various guest rooms with complete equipment, luxurious decoration, fiber optic Internet access, and WiFi network coverage. 250 rooms, a professional-level business center, and a unique chess and card room.
St. Petersburg Hotel has always focused on high-quality customer experience. The hotel rooms have been renovated and upgraded to intelligent experiential rooms, and the AODSN intelligent touch screen room control system solution has been adopted! The system is intelligent, humanized, convenient and fast, bringing a new experience to guests