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Shaanxi Hanzhong Gulong Hotel

Hotel name: Shanxi Hanzhong Gulong Hotel Guest rooms: 110 Star rating: ★★★★ Products used: Single-model weak current guest control system
Hotel Introduction: Gulong Hotel is located on the west side of Wanbang Square, the most prosperous street in Hanzhong. It is the fourth hotel under Xianglong Hotel Group. The hotel is well-decorated and stylish, and the unique fragrance theme allows guests to have a novel olfactory experience; the whole hotel has network coverage, and the network speed is stable and smooth, which is the first choice for Internet users and business people; advanced technology, light-sensitive touch screen switch, remote control Light-proof curtains, electric flushing toilets and access to direct drinking water in rooms allow guests to experience a technological, comfortable, convenient and green modern living environment. The service runs through every aspect of the guest's stay. Gulong Hotel's high-standard hardware and services, and people-friendly mass consumption are committed to becoming the vanguard of Hanzhong theme hotels. All the service staff of Gulong Hotel are waiting for the visit of all distinguished guests in the best condition at any time!