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(AODSN) high-frequency card power saving switch (MF1 card power supply switch) for hotels and guesthouses is specially designed by Audixin for energy saving and safety of hotels and guesthouses.? After the hotel and guesthouse rooms are equipped with the special plug-in card energy-saving switch of Audi Shin (AODSN), when guests check in, the guests insert the room door card into the energy-saving switch on the side of the door in the guestroom, and the electrical equipment (lighting, air conditioning, television, etc.) in the room can only be used after the room is powered on; When the guest leaves the room, the guest takes the door card in the power saving switch (the guest must pull out the card because the guest

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AODSN brand high-frequency card energy-saving switch for hotels and guest rooms (special power-taking switch for MF1 cards) is specially designed by AODSN for the energy saving and safety of hotels and guesthouses.

After the hotel and hotel rooms are equipped with AODSN special card power-saving switches, when guests check in, the guests insert the door card into the power-saving switch on the door side of the room, the room is powered on, and the electrical equipment (lighting) in the room , air conditioner, TV, etc.) can be used; when the guest leaves the room, the guest takes the door card in the energy-saving switch (the guest must pull out the card, because the guest will use this card to open the door when returning to the guest room), The power saving switch automatically cuts off the power after a delay of 12 seconds to ensure energy saving and safety.
Economic analysis of power saving for AODSN high-frequency card power-saving switch (special power-taking switch for MF1 card):
 (According to the electrical configuration of standard rooms): 
Split air conditioner 1000W
TV 120W
Table lamp 40W
Left and right bedside lamps 25W*2
Mirror headlight 20W
Floor lamp 25W
Corridor lamp 25W
Total power: 1000W + 120W + 40W + 25W*2 + 20W + 25W + 25W =1280W = (1.28KW)
Calculated according to the power statistics above, if a hotel or guesthouse has 120 guest rooms, the electricity is 1.0 yuan per kilowatt-hour, and each room saves electricity for 2 hours per day on average, then after using the AODSN card power-saving switch, the hotel and guesthouse The electricity cost that can be saved every year is: 1.28 kW x 120 rooms x 2 hours/day x 365 days x 1.0 yuan/kWh = 112,128 yuan.
Safety analysis of power consumption of AODSN high-frequency card power-saving switch (special power-taking switch for MF1 card):
If the guest goes out without turning off the electrical power of the guest room, and the waiter does not notice that the guest is out, the electrical appliances in the hotel room will work for a long time, and the long-term operation of the electrical appliances will cause the various components of the electrical appliances to heat up. If the electrical components are too hot, It will reduce the performance of the electrical appliance or even burn the electrical appliance itself, or even cause a fire.
Installing AODSN power-saving switches in guest rooms can effectively solve the problem of safe electricity use in hotels and guesthouses! 
Benefits of adopting AODSN high-frequency card power-saving switch (special power-taking switch for MF1 card):
Hotels and guesthouses use the AODSN power-saving switch. When the guest leaves the room, the guest takes the door card in the power-saving switch (the guest must pull out the card, because the guest will use this card when returning to the guest room) come to open the door), the power-saving switch will automatically cut off the power supply of the room after a delay of 12 seconds, which can bring direct economic benefits to the hotel (saving a large amount of electricity bills), prolong the service life of various electrical appliances in the room, and improve the safety factor of electricity use in the room , and actively responded to the global "energy saving" call. 
Audi letter (AODSN) high-frequency card power-saving switch (for MF1 card dedicated power-taking switch) features:
1. Audi letter (AODSN) plug-in card energy-saving switch has a high-grade ivory white appearance, and uses imported fire-resistant PC injection molding materials, which has high safety. 
2. It is suitable for the MF1 proximity card used in the hotel Mifare One (hereinafter referred to as MF1) card lock. The switch adopts the intelligent recognition technology of Philips proximity card. It needs to insert a valid MF1 card to save power. Other methods such as paper, different types of cards and damaged proximity cards cannot save power, which can effectively save power.
3. After the card is pulled out, the power will be cut off after a delay of 12 seconds, leaving enough lighting time for guests to leave the room.
4. Noble and elegant appearance, rich colors, eight colors optional, suitable for star hotels and guesthouses. 
5. The binding post is made of pure copper, which is high temperature resistant, more stable, and the work is more reliable and safe. 
6. All components are made of high-quality materials and have stable functions; high-quality imported relays are selected, and the output current is as high as 30A; the original imported sensor head is used, and the life of the sensor head is more than three times longer than that of other general brands, which solves quality problems such as the short life of the general sensor head. 
7. Using original imported microprocessor chips, the product performance is more stable and the efficiency is higher. 
Audi letter (AODSN) high-frequency card power-saving switch (MF1 card special power-taking switch) parameters: 
Card type: suitable for MF1 proximity cards used in hotel MF1 card locks 
Working voltage: AC 220V±10% (other voltages can be customized) 
Maximum load current: 30A 
Maximum load power: 6000W 
Static working power: 0.8W 
Delay standard: 12 seconds (delay can be specified by the customer) 
Not working state: the indicator light is red 
Shell material: imported fire retardant PC plastic 
Shell color: porcelain white, gold, silver, diamond black, light wood grain, dark wood grain, rose red, blue 
physical dimension:
86mm×86mm×55mm (length×width×height)
installation method:
1. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry off the case.
2. See the assembly diagram for wiring, check, and confirm that the installation is correct. 
3. Tighten the screws and install the case according to the sequence shown in the assembly diagram. 
4. Standard 86 bottom box embedded installation, the center distance of fixing screws is 60.2mm
5. Bottom box height: 28mm
1. Replacement within one week, two-year free warranty.
2. The product is maintained for life.
3. The performance is stable and reliable.

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