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Pengker Deluxe Collection Hotel

Hotel name: Pengke Boutique Hotel, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province Rooms: 167 Star rating: ★★★★ Products used: a full set of touch screen room treasure box control system
Hotel Introduction: Shenzhen Pengke Boutique Hotel is a high-star luxury boutique business hotel built by Qingpeng Hotel Group with huge investment. It is carefully designed and decorated by internationally renowned designers, showing fashion taste. All rooms are equipped with a full set of well-designed furniture by famous experts to provide a complete home atmosphere; each room is equipped with advanced German lighting touch system and dazzling colorful lights. The intoxicating dimly lit place interprets the splendor of a boutique hotel. All the facilities in the room are made of low-carbon and environmentally friendly materials. The bathroom is paved with marble, the shower room is set up, the heating and cooling air conditioner is independently adjustable, and the romantic mini bar creates the most comfortable home. The hotel has all kinds of luxurious rooms, all of which are configured according to international star standards, with exquisite and warm decoration.