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Desheng Hotel Hulun Buir

Hotel name: Hulunbeier Desheng Hotel Rooms: 282 Star rating: ★★★★ Available products: a full set of touch screen networked room control system
Hotel Introduction: Hulunbeier Huarong Holiday Hotel is a business hotel integrating guest rooms, catering, entertainment, tourism, etc. The development zone and the Friendship Building are across the road, and the hotel has a bird's-eye view of the central square of the central business district. The vision is unique.
The development land area of ​​the hotel is about 20,000 square meters, the green area of ​​the group is about 8,274 square meters, the building area is 35,000 square meters, and it is equipped with 270 parking spaces. It is the current landmark building in Hailar District, with elegant environment and advanced facilities and equipment. The hotel now has standard rooms, double rooms, triple rooms and suites, etc. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, with complete equipment, and all rooms provide broadband Internet access. It is an ideal place for guests to stay for business, business trips and leisure.
The hotel opened in May 2004 and was partially renovated in May 2013. The building is 18 floors high and has a total of 282 rooms (sets)