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Tianhe Grand Canyon Tourist Resort

Tour the Tianhe Grand Canyon, relax in the Central Plains 5A-level summer resort, AODSN is waiting for you at Tianhe Zhongzhou International Hotel!
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Hotel name: Tianhe Zhongzhou International Hotel Star rating: ★★★★ Number of rooms: 102 Products used: AODSN Audi letter full set of intelligent room treasure box control system
Tianhe Grand Canyon Scenic Area is affiliated to Luoyang Tianhe Grand Canyon Tourism and Vacation Development Co., Ltd. The scenic spot is located in Jiaohe Town, Luanchuan County, Luoyang City, Henan Province, 168 kilometers away from Luoyang, 290 kilometers away from Zhengzhou, adjacent to Xixia in the south, Lushi in the west, and via S96 Luoluan Expressway and G311 National Highway can directly reach Luanchuan County, and directly reach the scenic spot via S328 Provincial Highway. The geographical location is superior and the transportation is convenient. Tianhe Grand Canyon is one of the core scenic spots of Funiu Mountain Global Geopark. It is built by Henan Tianhe Real Estate Group with an investment of 500 million yuan and according to the national AAAAA-level scenic spot standards. It is a comprehensive tourist resort that integrates tourism and real estate. It was approved to be named "Henan Provincial Forest Park" in 2002. The total area of ​​the entire resort is about 56 square kilometers, with more than 1,800 large and small hills, and more than 610 deep and shallow ravines. Among them, Optimus Prime at an altitude of 1,850 meters and Dapeng Mountain at an altitude of 2,116 meters are the iconic landscapes of the scenic spot. The scenic spot is located in the transition zone between the subtropical zone and the northern temperate zone, with an average altitude of more than 1,500 meters and an average annual temperature of only 10.2 degrees. The strange mountains, beautiful waters, strange rocks, and secluded forests in the scenic spot constitute a beautiful landscape painting. After testing, the negative oxygen ions in the scenic area are 6000-8000 per cubic centimeter, and the water quality is weak alkaline surface first-class drinking water. There are more than 1400 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines in the valley. Land" and other titles. At present, the scenic spot has created six characteristic parks, namely Yiyin Summer Resort and Health Garden, Guangwu Yiyuan Garden, Wentian Garden, Taiyuan Garden, Queen Mother Garden, and Wusheng Peak, which embodies traditional Chinese medicine health preservation culture, Guangwu culture, and Fengshen culture. Chinese traditional core cultural characteristics such as culture and wealth culture.
The forest coverage rate in the valley and on the mountain is very high, reaching more than 98%, and there are many fruit trees and Chinese medicine tree species. According to statistics, there are more than 1,400 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, and it has the reputation of "Chinese Medicine Valley". After testing, the content of negative oxygen ions in the scenic area is 6000-8000 per cubic centimeter, which is very suitable for old-age care and rehabilitation. At the same time, it is also an excellent place for tourists to explore the forest.
There are relics and spreads of Shang Dynasty culture and Han Dynasty culture in the scenic area. In the Ming Dynasty, Xu Zhonglin wrote "Fengshen Yanyi" based on the relics of the birth of "Sanxiao Niangniang" in the scenic spot and Zhao Gongming, who was later called the God of Wealth. At the beginning of the Shang Dynasty, there was a legend of Yi Yin, the Prime Minister of Shangtang, who made a herbal soup for curing diseases and saving people; in the Ming Dynasty, Xu Zhonglin wrote "Fengshen Yanyi" based on the "Sanxiao Empress" in the scenic spot and Zhao, who was later known as the God of Wealth. The remains of Gongming's birth remain; in the Han Dynasty, there is a legend that Wang Mang chased Liu Xiu, and Liu Xiu and others walked in reverse boots in the valley to avoid Wang Mang's pursuit. On January 4, 2016, large statues of Zhao Gongming, his mother and the "Three Xiao" empress were officially located in Gongming Daoist Temple on Baishuling in the scenic area. The reconstruction of the God of Wealth Temple on Baishuling, the birthplace of Zhao Gongming, was proposed by Mr. Zheng Guang, a famous archaeologist and research institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Named "Gongming Taoist Temple"; Mr. Ren Farong, Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Ninth Council of the China Taoist Association and President of the Eighth China Taoist Association, wrote the name "Gongming Taoist Temple"; Vice President of the Chinese Taoist Association, Health Preservation Mr. Huang Zhijie, director of the committee and president of the Taoist Association of Henan Province, mentioned "Zhao Gongming's birthplace" inscribed on the stone wall of Yingmen of the Taoist temple. This temple is grand and imposing, and it is an excellent holy place for pilgrims to pray and ask questions.
Tianhe Zhongzhou International Hotel is decorated according to the four-star standard and has luxurious interiors. There are 102 guest rooms in total, all of which adopt the AODSN smart room treasure box networking control system. The hotel is managed by Henan Zhongzhou Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Take charge.