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On the Development Trend of LED Display

03 Nov,2022

1. Development towards energy saving trend
Energy saving and environmental protection has always been a new proposition in future life; LED display itself is very energy-saving, and its characteristics are: high luminous efficiency, long life, easy control, and maintenance-free; it is a new generation of solid cold light source, light color is soft, bright, Colorful, low loss, low energy consumption, is a green product. However, when it is made into an LED display, the power consumption is not small. LED large screens are all large screens, which need many points to form. Reducing the power consumption of LED displays and realizing real energy saving must be the most important development trend of LED displays.
2. Developing towards the thin and light trend
At present, almost every company in the industry is flaunting the characteristics of light and thin cabinets. Indeed, thin and light cabinets are an inevitable trend to replace iron boxes. The weight of iron boxes in the past is not low. Coupled with the weight of the steel structure, the whole is very heavy. . In this way, it is difficult for many floor buildings to bear such heavy attachments. The load-bearing balance of the building and the pressure of the foundation are not easy to accept, and it is not easy to disassemble and transport, which greatly increases the cost. Therefore, light and thin boxes are a must for all manufacturers. A trend not updated.
3. Development towards the trend of patent protection
The competition in the LED industry is fierce. Almost every company is competing for the market, robbing customers, and expanding scale, but few companies really focus on product research and development. In fact, in order to maintain technological competitiveness and reduce the risk of technology spillover, patents are the most important. Good way to protect. As the industry slowly matures and becomes standardized, it is an inevitable development trend of the LED large screen industry to protect one's own intellectual property rights and intangible assets by applying for patents.
4. Develop towards the trend of fast and precise splicing
This is mainly for LED rental displays. The characteristic of leasing is frequent disassembly and assembly to meet temporary needs, so the display cabinets must be spliced ​​quickly and accurately. Hanchuang LED rental screen is ultra-light and ultra-thin. Thin and light design is the biggest appeal of LED rental screens. LED displays need to be disassembled and moved frequently due to the particularity of their application sites. The thinner and lighter LED rental screens are more convenient to transport and can save more costs. Therefore, fast and accurate installation is bound to be the development trend of LED display screens.
5. Development towards standardization
LED displays have sprung up like mushrooms after rain, but there are only a few that can be recognized by the industry. After many small companies are established, because of their small scale, small capital, and lack of research and development capabilities, they try to take shortcuts, design sloppily, and even copy the designs of large companies. As a result, the entire market is flooded with defective products, causing many Customers have a headache, this behavior is extremely irresponsible to customers. Therefore, the standardization of LED large screen products is also an inevitable trend.
6. the trend toward smaller spacing
Small spacing has always been one of the hot products. At present, the indoor small spacing has broken through a few tenths, and the outdoor small spacing has also broken through below P2. With the development of technology, the spacing will become smaller and smaller. (This article is reproduced in China Power Grid)